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Path to Purpose


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Our program for the Inspirational Interactive online meetings of

The Art of Living

Group 1: Wednesday 7-9 pm (Eurpean time)

19th October

2nd November

16th November

30th November

14th December


Group 2: Sunday 7-9 pm

(Eurpean time)

23rd October

6th November

20th November

4th December

18th December


Inspirational meetings about the lifestyle ‘Art of Living’

We offer interactive online meetings (4x) for you who would like to live more consciously and refind your inner peace and joy.

Every meeting we will introduce a topic within Art of Living to start your self-research to become aware of how you live and perceive your life, your underlying beliefs and what is meaningful to you as an individual. Most importantly you will become aware of how it affects your life. 

The inspirational meetings offers you the opportunity to know what is True for You and to make new choices.

We will work in small groups (max 10) with space to ask questions, to bring in your personal topics and to share your experiences.


How do you live according to Art of living?

In practice Art of living is when you in your life give priority TO LIVE - to consciously experience life. We provide a space for you to make an inner connection and find out what you are passionate about and have the courage to live it. There is no right or wrong way to live your life – it depends on how you perceive it and only you yourself know how to live your life!

Life has it’s joy’s and pains and when we go deeper we find inner peace that makes it possible to enjoy both sides of the spectrum. When you get in touch with yourself and start to listen to your inner voice, you refind your inner peace and joy.


Who can participate?

Anyone, who feels drawn to or is curious about the lifestyle Art of Living. You can be at a point in your life where you do not thrive or would like to be inspired to experience life in a different way.

Everybody is welcome, no matter background, specific knowledge or experience –  you just need to follow your feeling – this sounds somehow interesting.


What can you gain from joining the inspirational meetings?

•    Become aware of the way you have lived your life so far 

•    Learn to distinguish what is True for You and to actively follow what is right for you

•    Learn how to nourish yourself

•    Have some fun while exploring things

•    Find your inner peace & joy


We have experienced how it is to go through this transformational process of changing your thinking and Living and are happy to give you some extra individual personal support in between the meetings.

After the 4 meetings we will continue with a new set of 4 meetings with participants who would like to go deeper into Art of Living.



€ 200 for for 4 meetings  (In case the price is a problem, please contact us).


You will receive

·       2 hours of inspirational conversation (4x)

·       Information about specific topics on Art of Living

·       Practical exercises and questions for self reflection

·       Opportunity to ask questions, bring in your topics & share experiences

·       Opportunity to experience the influence Art of Living has in your life

·       Individual support on request in between the meetings


When you have the courage to be who you are

the Universe will support you in incredible ways

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