Path to Purpose


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Our program for the Inspirational Interactive online meetings of

The Art of Living

Group 1: Wednesday 7-9 pm (Eurpean time)

26th October

2nd November

9th November

16th November


Group 2: Wednesday 7-9 pm

(Eurpean time)

19th October

23rd November

11th January

8th February

Group 3: Sunday 7-9 pm

(Eurpean time)

30th October

4th December

8th January

5th February

Group 4:  Sunday 7-9 pm

(Eurpean time)

6th November

13th November

20th November

27th November


The Art of Living is organising interactive inspirational online meetings (4x)  for you who would like to live more consciously and refind your inner joy. 


Every meeting we will introduce a topic to start your self-research to find out what is True for You. You will become aware of how you perceive your life, your underlying belief systems and what is meaningful for you as an individual, which offers you the opportunity to make new choices.


We will work in small groups (max 10) and there will be a lot of  time to ask questions, to bring in your personal topics and share your experiences. 


When you have the courage to be who you are

the Universe will support you in incredible ways