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Gene Keys & Purpose

You are unique and came to fulfil your Higher Purpose. The Gene Keys are based on your birthdate, -place and -time. They give a clear bleuprint of your Purpose and transformation process, which can change your life, work and realtionships profoundly! 

When you are stumbling around in a dark room, it is not easy to find your way. When somebody turns on the Light, you are still in the same room, but it will be so much easier to navigate. This is what the Gene Keys can do for you!

What can you expect from a Gene Key Session?

First I will send you my coachingsquestions, so I can give you direct clarity about your present situation.

By asking you question Your Transformation Process will be reinforced. Your Gene Keys are about your Path to Purpose!

Whenever requested I will give you advice how to deal with your present situation.

The Gene Keys have 3 sequences:


1. The Activation sequence

This sequence describes three leaps in awareness that unfold in your life as you activate the higher purpose within your DNA: your challenge, your breakthrough and your core stability

The Activation Sequence is like the foundation of your being. It is advised to take some time to integrate the wisdom of these Gene Keys before you move on to the Venus Sequence.


2. The Venus sequence

This sequence unlocks deep core emotional patterns in your life and its underlying purpose is to open up a new center of awareness in the solar plexus and realise oneness.​

3. The Pearl sequence

The Golden Path has 3 sequences:

​This sequence opens up your mental awareness to operate on a higher plane and to move your energies and resources into alignment with it, which have a direct effect of your ability to be efficient and prosperous in your life.

It is suggested to take your time to integrate the Activation Sequence before you move on to the Venus Sequence.

To get your personal Gene Key chart 



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