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Healing & Intuition

Healing can take place when you feel safe enough to feel and accept the pain, and open up to change.


You get what you need for your development, and, although this might not be your experience, on a certain level this is true for everyone. Resistance to the situation blocks the energy and can create physical problems. It is only a wake up call to tell you that you are ready for a change.


By letting go of old beliefs and emotions you open up to healing. Healing energy stimulates the selfhealing process within you. This energy has its own intelligence and will go to the places in the body where it is needed. We all have healing powers, but not all of us know how to access or use it.

Receiving healing energy

During a healing session I will lead you through the process to get to the core of the problem and receiving healing energy can be very helpful to get things flowing again. 

Healing yourself

During Healing & Intuition I will support you energy wise, but the emphasis will be on you healing YOU.

How can you heal yourself?

How do you connect with your intuition, your inner wisdom?

Which beliefs and emotions are stopping you to do what is supporting you?

Going deeper into these questions you will get clarity what caused the situation and how you can make some profound changes in your life.



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