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Purpose & Transformation

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1 & 2 October 2022


Hanzeweg 6
The Netherlands

€ 250,-
Incl. Individual Gene Key reading (45 min)

max: 8 participants

You came with a Higher Purpose! As soon as you start recognising and accepting your Higher Purpose and you start to open up, think and live differently, a deep transformationprocess will start to take place within you.


During this interactive  weekend of Purpose & Transformation, I will invite you to experience how you can open the space for your Higher Purpose and relate more consciously to it. The Gene Keys are a blueprint of your Higher Purpose and can provide you with deep insights about your life and the way it develops. 

Where are you now?

From there we will start to move.

You get:

  • An individual Gene Key session, in which we will discuss shortly your personal bottlenecks. 

  • insight in your attitude towards your purpose

  • insight in how your soul communicates with you

  • insight in your obstacles and tools how to deal with them

  • exercises to unblock your energy

  • fun to dis-cover

When you start doing your part and have the courage to be who you are, Life around you will start to flow and the Universe will support you in incredible ways.


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