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Purpose is the only choice

(This workshop is offered online for individuals and groups, as well as on location)


Connecting with your higher purpose something your life will be fulfilling!

Your purpose can only reveal itself to you if you start to live in Truth with yourself and obtain harmony with the universal laws. When you have the courage to be who you are, the universe will support you in incredible ways.

During this workshop I will offer tools to:

  • get an overview of your core qualities, pitfalls and challenges

  • get clarity about your higher purpose 

  • deal with obstacles

  • connect with your Higher Self

  • start your path to purpose in a practical way



Light on your shadow

(This workshop is done on location in small groups)

Light on your shadow is a playful and intense 2-day workshop to experience, discover and explore hidden parts of yourself.


This workshop is for you if you would like to:

  • stop repetitive negative patterns

  • improve your relationships

  • explore your hidden parts

  • free yourself of fear

  • improve your understanding of your ego

  • connect with your True Self

In order to be able to transform you first have to become aware of the patterns and accept them.

Transformation will take place whenever you start to take responsibility for your actions in a compassionate way.

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